Renewable Energy

Palpower was the first company to install the first house-hold solar system in Tubas. Since then many other projects have been installed and still up and running thanks to the high quality of standards & products used.

PalPower has installed many other larger scale solar plants to produce clean electricity including, but not limited to, Arab American University of Jenin (AAUJ), projects for several municipalities, Municipal & village councils in cooperation with JDECO and under their supervision.

PalPower was the Renewable Energy Sponsor for Expotech 2014 and will do the same in 2015. A plant was installed to supply the required energy to Expotech through solar and wind energy.

All renewable energy projects no matter how big or small are monitored around the clock to insure the optimal function of the system and the highest production rates.  In addition, any fault is sent by a special alert system so that our technical staff can intervene even before the customer knows there is actually a problem.