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Gucbir Generators - Company Introduction/Information
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Güçbir Generator Company is a leading and reputable company achieved remarkable progress since founded in 1980.

Consequently with the improvements in the sector, Gucbir Generator Company has improved production capacities and enlarged into two plants in İstanbul with the highest technology and well skilled labor ship.

Starting the production of alternators in 2006, the company has switched the plant for canopy production in 2012.

Thanks to the production capacity, wide range of products; Gucbir Company is almost one step ahead from the competitors in the sector.

The production is traced carefully prevent even minor defects to not lead any problems at the end-user side. The company grants an international warranty of 1 year for all parts against any defects which may occur by manufacturing failures.

Exporting to over 70 countries, Gucbir Company is one of the most welcomed companies of its sector world-wide.

The company is approved and produces in accordance with EN ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, and quality standards and has acquired European Conformity Standard CE Certificate and TSE Quality Certificates for gensets between 15 kvA to 3305 kvA which brings flexibility and customer-based production abilities.

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Gucbir Portable Gasoline Generators

Gucbir Portable Diesel Generators


Ricardo-Based Gucbir Generator 40-350kVA

PERKINS Based Gucbir Generators 10-2500 kVA


Gucbir Based Gucbir Generators 15-44 kVA


Wuxi Based Gucbir Generators 320 - 1100 kVA