PalPower Branded K-Star UPS products

Here, you can download all specifications of UPS's branded under our own name "PalPower" and manufactured specifically to our market requirements by K-Star.

Line Interactive UPS's

PalPower Micro1000 (1.0kVA)

PalPower Micro1500 (1.5kVA)

PalPower Micro2000 (2.0 kVA)

On-line UPS's (1/1 phase)

Tower/Desktop (1.0kVA) MPS1

Tower/Desktop (2.0kVA) MPS2

Tower/Desktop (3.0kVA) MPS3

Tower/Desktop (6.0kVA) MPS6

Tower/Desktop (10kVA) MPS1011

Rack Mount/Tower (3.0 kVA) MPRTS3

Rack Mount/Tower (6.0 kVA) PRTS6

On-line UPS's (3/1 phase) 

PalPower 10kVA Tower UPS MPS1031

On-line UPS's (3/3 phase) 

PalPower 10kVA Tower UPS HP3310